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A restaurant specializing in pizza.


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This may be the best experience I’ve had on Grubhub yet! I made an order because it was late and there were only 2 options but wow they were great. My order was accurate which is not always a given. The driver was nice and didn’t get lost for once thank god! And the food was awesome! The I got. Steak sub and a bbq rib sub. The steak was great warm and flavorful the onions and peppers were top notch as the name implies! The bbq sub was on the cold side but since it did travel a ways and was probably next to the drinks on the way. Anyway the subs were great enough to make me want to type all this out. I will order from them again


Top Reviewer
Last time I ordered, I wrote a not so good review because fries were missing, instantly regretted it, tried to have it deleted by talking to online rep, was unsuccessful.. Food is usually good from here, had a burnt pizza the other night but it's not the end of the world.. Well they remembered my review, and wrote me a note and put a side of fries with it.. I both feel bad AND thankful they act like a business should and try to keep their customers... So both I'm sorry for the review AND thank you! Lol


Top Reviewer
Previously I was mistaken on the portions turns out they ran out of containers, with that said a pizza place that not only reads your reviews but replies to them to make sure customers are satisfied is one I can get behind. Good food, good delivery, cheap prices.


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Grubhub defaulted to a different address and didn't notify me, so the driver (Nancy) drove all the way out to my street address, but in a different town 30 mins away! She gets 5 stars. Not to mention the burger is fantastic!


2 reviews
Been in MA for about a month, ate here maybe 10-12 times, they never missed a beat. Love the tuna wrap, pizza is great. Most places opened past midnight, uh, yea, marginal at best!! Thanks you guys....

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